​​​​​​​You Are Already Part of the Game.
eGaming has grown so much in recent years that we’ve seen stadiums filled with fans watching online video games. Clearly, our target audience was changing their tastes and habits, and we had to support this shift by developing content for eGame fans and their new way of interpreting relationships.
OBJECTIVE: To showcase the stories that revolve around the players of "The Labyrinth," the video game we entirely developed for this series. The biggest challenge for me personally was to put myself in the shoes of a gamer because I had never been passionate about video games... but when I experienced a team match for the first time, my perception changed forever.

Season 1: You Are Already Part of the Game.
Season 2: The World Is at Stake.

BONUS TRACK: We won Gold at Promax. The series was a success throughout Latin America, Europe, and especially in Russia, where children are truly eGame fanatics. LEARNING: When we launched the first season, the initial rating results and social media reactions quickly showed us that the audience was ready for a second season.

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